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The workplace is changing.

Industry experts believe that more than two-thirds of employees do some of their work outside the office. Some experts believe that mobile work is already the new norm and predict the majority of work will be done outside the office by 2016.

These workers are often referred to as “mobile workers”. They include busy executives who travel frequently, sales reps who are always on the road, workers in remote offices, employees working from home offices in the evening, consultants working from a coffee shop or off shore resources working in a different country.

Mobile workers expect the same access to your business as those working inside the workplace. Many of these users want access from their own device and in some cases these users have multiple devices on multiple operating systems.

Providing a simple, secure, highly available way to access business applications, data and desktops for all these users on all these devices has put new demands on IT teams, their network infrastructure and budgets.

Mobilizing Your Business With AnyWare Group Access Solutions

Mobilizing your business with AnyWare Group is easy. A secure access solution designed specifically for your business can be operational in days.

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