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Secure Your Application and Desktop Access

A mobile workforce brings specific security challenges.

Selecting the right secure remote access solution for your business applications and desktops is a major initiative. The technology you select must be secure, fully supported during off business hours and always available to provide access to an increasing number of remote and mobile workers using multiple devices.

Defining access policies, authenticating remote users, controlling access to specific applications and desktops, encrypting data, auditing access and usage, easily removing access rights from users are just some of the challenges.

Keeping the technology current is another challenge. Software licensing fees, hardware costs, employee salaries, ongoing training costs, updates and support fees add up quickly and hit your business where it hurts the most – your budget.

Knowing all these challenges, do you build your own solution or use a managed service provider to implement and support a solution?

AnyWare Group’s fully managed and supported secure access solutions have been endorsed by Chief Privacy Officers, Chief Information Officers and used by healthcare providers, municipalities, insurance companies and business customers to access applications and desktops for over ten years.

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