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AnyWare Group’s secure remote access products enable your team to work where work takes them – providing easy access to your business-critical applications and user desktops from any device.

Our products are provided as a fully managed cloud service and include all service hardware, monitoring and support.

Our customer support team provides 7×24 technical support to ensure the continuity of the service for our customers.

AnyWare Access Web Portal

Provides secure remote access via a web portal “dashboard” with full access to business applications, including web, client server and legacy applications using your existing application publishing technologies. Learn more.

AnyWare Access Web Portal and Application Publishing

Provides the AnyWare Access Web Portal (as above) and includes fully managed application publishing technologies to provide secure access to your business applications.

AnyWare Access PC Desktop

Provides secure remote access to office PCs using AnyWare Access web portal technologies.

AnyWare Access VPN

Provides a client based solution for those applications that require full network connectivity. Learn more.

AnyWare Access iPad / Tablet

Provides secure remote access to web, client server or legacy business applications using iPads and tablets.

AnyWare Access Single Sign-On

Provides single sign-on to web and published applications using Active Directory (AD) credentials or stored encrypted passwords.


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