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The insurance industry, like many other industries, faces a number of technology challenges.

The most costly of these challenges is the effort to move from the decades old, but reliable, mainframe platforms to distributed, cloud based mobile platforms that provide employees, field staff, sales agents and clients with secure on demand access.

Some larger insurance companies have invested substantially in moving their mainframe systems to the cloud, but the cost is high. Many smaller, independent insurance providers don’t have the budget for these costly software upgrades and many want to continue to leverage their investment in these systems.
If you are using a mainframe system your users require the installation of software on their device to view and enter data. If your business has field staff, remote agents or independent agents they will need the installation of software to use your mainframe system and will also need a VPN client on their device.

All of these software installations take time and money to setup and maintain. Very often these software clients are only for PCs and don’t allow access from Macs, tablets or smartphones.

Looking at this, it doesn’t seem like an efficient or scalable solution for your business.

A couple of question to ask:

  • Can your field staff, remote agents and independent agents work remotely and connect to your business systems on demand?
  • How long does it take to provide these remote users with on demand access – an hour, a day, a week?
  • Can these users access your systems remotely using a Mac, a tablet or a smartphone?
  • How long does it take an employee to be back to work after a hard drive crash on their computer?
  • Can you pick up a new computer at your local technology store and have your employee back to work in an hour?
  • If it takes more than an hour to have your team back to work, what does that mean to your business in lost productivity and lost revenue?

If you don’t like the answers you got to these questions we would like to show you how we can help.



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