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Flex Work Benefits Employers And Employees

Industry analysts say that work isn’t a place anymore, it’s something we do, wherever and whenever the need arises.

flex workThe traditional office isn’t going away completely, but people aren’t going to the office as often as they did in the past. Analysts say there will always be a need for the traditional office for some employees, but for those employees demanding a more mobile work style, or for those who have the need for greater work life balance, flexible work options will be the preferred way to work.

And, companies are exploring flexible work strategies to allow employees to work from home one or more days a week because they know that these work arrangements bring benefits to their employees and to them.

Telework and flex work are two strategies that we hear of most often.

Telework generally describes an arrangement where the employee works off site one or more days a week, during regular business hours, and uses technology to collaborate with co-workers.

Flex work is a bit different, it implies a less structured work arrangement with much more flexibility for the employee. Employees may work remotely in the mornings and from the office in the afternoons, or they might work mornings and evenings from home, taking the afternoon for personal use. These employees will also use technology to collaborate with co-workers.

Employers are finding that when their employees are not constrained by where and when they work they are more motivated, productive and creative.

Employers are also finding that as employees start to work from home or other locations, they see financial benefits to their business. Fewer employees in the office equates to cost savings to the business including reduced office space fees, electrical, phone and internet costs.

Many employees will look for employers that provide flexible work arrangements that allow them to work from home, during hours that better fit their personal or family obligations.

There are several important elements to make these strategies a success.

One is a clearly defined policy that sets out the expectations for both the employee and the employers. The policy should provide clarity around acceptable use of corporate information and how the employee gains access to business applications.

The second key element is technology. The technology should provide the same level of access and ease of use provided to employees working at the office but ensure that the information is accessed using a secure, company approved technology.

If employees will be using the own personal devices, such as a tablets or smart phones, the policy should define how these devices connect to corporate applications.

With the right policies and technology in place telework and flexible work arrangements are great options for employers and employees.

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