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People work where work takes them, at any hour of the day. These remote and mobile users demand access to business applications and desktops using their own device.

Many businesses are concerned about the impact BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) users will have on their IT departments ability to deliver secure access to these business applications.

To ensure remote access is secure, BYOD users must login using a username and password,  just as they would if they were sitting at their desks. If your business uses a technology like Active Directory (AD), BYOD users should use the same login on their own device to access applications and desktops to ensure your secureity policies are enforced.

When used with other mobile device management tools, AnyWare Group’s access solutions provide a secure way for your BYOD users to authenticate and access your business applications.

Our solutions use HTML5 technology allowing users with an HTML 5 enabled browser to securely access applications and desktops.

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