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Cloud Managed Services – A Smart Option

Keeping up with the latest technology can be costly.

CloudComputingSoftware licensing fees, hardware costs and salaries for skilled employees to implement, maintain and support the ever changing technology mix adds up quickly.  All these costs impact your business where it hurts the most – your budget.

Because of these costs many businesses make use of older technologies much longer than they’d like, or should.

Software and hardware upgrades don’t happen as often as they should which can lead to network and security issues.  The use of older technologies also impacts business performance and the end user experience.

A recent report published by Aberdine Research entitled Managed Service Providers: A Stepping Stone to the Public Cloud reports that many businesses are finding operational benefits using Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for some business functions. The report identifies a number of areas where an MSP can bring value to a business.

MSPs can help with the adoption of new technologies and moving your business to the cloud. They can remove the complexity of IT initiatives by providing fully managed cloud infrastructure and providing the ongoing support of this infrastructure.

Outsourcing some business tasks to an MSP can free up your IT team to focus on more strategic business functions. It can also reduce your overall costs to build and deploy specialized technology services, especially if the MSP has more experience in providing that service than your internal IT team.

The report recommends that one of the most important things to consider when working with a managed service provider is the Service Level Agreement (SLA).  A good SLA will cover all the service level metrics, including ongoing support and maintenance terms that should be designed to support your business requirements.

Some of the key business benefits provided by a cloud based MSP include cost containment, availability, security, and scalability.

To sum it up, a Managed Service Provider can help your business move to the cloud and leverage the latest technology solutions faster and cheaper – an MSP is a smart option for your business.

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